7 Tips for a Cat-Friendly Holiday Season

Sparkle Kitty

Holiday time is family time, and our pets are part of the family. The holiday season is best celebrated with our best feline friends around.

However, kitties can get too excited as they see a tree being put up, decorations hung up, and delicious food cooked in the kitchen. Keep these tips in mind to ensure a holiday celebration that is safe and enjoyable for everyone—including your cats.


1. Anchor your tree securely.

The more beautiful you make your tree, the more attractive it becomes in the eyes of your cat. Secure it to a post or a solid base so your cat doesn’t knock it down.

2. Choose holiday plants wisely.

Live plants always spice up homes for the holidays but consider what plants to get if you have a cat around. Poinsettias, holly, lilies, and amaryllis are toxic to cats.

3. Keep candles away from your cat.

A candle’s bright flickering light will no doubt capture your kitty’s attention. So place your candles somewhere your cat can’t reach to avoid fire accidents.

4. Hang lights and electric cords in a high place.

Shiny objects and stringy things especially entice cats. So never place your holiday lights low on the ground where your cat can access them.

5. List the foods your cat can’t have.

There’s nothing wrong with extra treats for your cat during the holidays, but it could be a disaster if a guest feeds him something toxic. Avoid serving foods that are unsafe for cats and remind your guests not to feed your cat. If you’re looking for extra special treats for your kitties, check out our favorites!


6. Don’t go overboard with the costume.

A bulky reindeer costume or a heavy elf hat can make your cat feel stressed. If you must dress up your cat for the holidays, go for simple light accessories instead.

7. Take lots of pictures!

It’s always a good idea to slow down and capture life with family and friends. Try a fun photo shoot with Santa, or pose your kitty with the elf on the shelf.

Pets are valuable family members, so it is only fair to treat them with extra care and love during the holidays. Remember our tips when preparing for your holiday celebration, and you can enjoy the season knowing the whole family will be safe and happy.

Sparkle Kitty