Top 5 Cat-Friendly Birthday Treats

A woman holds up a birthday cupcake for her cat, who is wearing a party hat

Pet parents can be pretty generous when it comes to their babies. Aside from showering her with toys, many cat owners also spend on special treats when their cats celebrate their birthdays. If you are looking for birthday goodies for your little feline baby, here are some cat-friendly treats you may want to consider


A bag of Friskies Party Mix

1. Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats

A perfect party treat for cats, this Friskies bag contains mixed crunchies that have different but appealing flavors, such as turkey and chicken.


A package of Whole Life Pet Real Foodie for cats Wild Salmon Fillet

2. Whole Life Pet Pure Salmon Fillet

How can cats resist this delicious human-grade salmon? Freeze-dried to perfection, this cat birthday treat is protein-rich, grain-free, and loaded with omega fatty acids that help make their skin and coat healthy.

Packages of Churu treats in different flavors

3. Inaba Churu Lickable Cat Treats

If your cat loves to lick, these creamy treats are purr-fect! With flavors that come in tuna, chicken, or scallop, these goodies can be consumed directly from the tube or squeezed on top of your cat’s favorite food.

Package of Kitty Cravings crunchy cat treats

4. Blue Buffalo Kitty Cravings with Chicken

Because cats love chicken, these tasty treats will be a hit! It features delicious chicken as the main ingredient with a crunchy and palatable texture that will delight your feline baby.


Open package of Remy's Kitchen Freeze dried treats for dogs and cats

5. Remy’s Kitchen Just Turkey Hearts Freeze-Dried Treats

Ideal for cat training or snacking, these yummy treats come in freeze-dried turkey hearts that are easy to bite and full of nutrients and natural flavor.

Remember, for our sweet and cuddly little cats, it’s always the thought — and the taste — that counts.

A woman holds up a birthday cupcake for her cat, who is wearing a party hat