Wine and Dine Your Cat in All the Right Ways

Sparkle Kitty

When it was Pumpkin’s birthday, you know we needed to spoil her. But what’s a cat parent to do when you have a lady as refined as Pumpkin? That’s when we found Meowsling! A purrrfectly crafted cat wine that will delight your feline’s fancy, made with filtered water, infused with catnip, and enriched with salmon oil. This kitty treat was a huge hit!

Not only that but fish oil has been proven to be great for your cat!


Good for the brain

Supplementing puppies with DHA increased their ability to learn and retain specific skills compared to those not receiving additional DHA, according to a Hill’s Pet Nutrition 2012 study. Older pets suffering from cognitive dysfunction had improved recognition of family members and other dogs when taking fish oil.

Great for your kitty’s heart

Fish oil helps reduce your cat’s vulnerability to developing an irregular heart rhythm, called atrial fibrillation. If your kitty has heart disease, it can also prevent blood clots from forming.

Good for the skin

Especially if your kitty has allergies, fish oil decreases the body’s production of cytokines which stimulates inflammation and can be itchy and uncomfortable for your fur baby. The less scratching, the better it is for their skin.


Eases kidney disease

If your poor little is diagnosed with kidney disease, you must start her on fish oil. Cats who were given fish oil on average lived ten months longer than kitties who weren’t given a supplement.

Helps arthritic joints

Remember that bit about cytokines? The same is helpful for arthritic joints, the less inflammation your cat experiences, the better for her joints.

Sparkle Kitty