Will My Cats be Okay in a Small Apartment?

Sparkle Kitty

Is a home’s floor area a requisite for a happy cat? Cat behaviorists maintain that cats can be perfectly happy in small spaces. But, according to them, many cats that want privacy and stress relief purposely tuck themselves into tiny crevices. However, that’s not to say that you need not do anything, even if you live in a small space with your pet cat.


Creating a Cat-friendly Environment in Your Small Space

It’s not a question of the size of your space but what you do with it to make your cat adapt and thrive in your small living quarters. As a parent to your furry pet, you should take the time to dish out care and attention while creating an enriching environment for your feline friend at the same time. You can try these ideas:

1. Put your cat’s litter box in an ideal spot.

Find the perfect box to suit your apartment and put it in an accessible spot away from other pets, food, or laundry equipment.

2. Install a cat hammock.

Mount a cat hammock in a spot where your pet will appreciate abundant sunshine and a front-row seat to the outdoors.

3. Provide the cat with scratching posts.

Scratching posts will entice your cat to sharpen its claws and exercise similar to what it does outside.


4. Let your cat play with toys.

Use toys that stir excitement and motivate your cat to practice its hunting instincts, such as laser pointers and toys that simulate moving prey.

5. Install shelving on the walls.

Structures with bridges and landings allow your cat to explore and perch for an encompassing view of the surroundings.

6. Let the cat enjoy exercise.

Equipment pieces, like a cat exercise wheel, will allow your cat to enjoy a high-energy workout.

Living in a small apartment should not discourage you from sharing a small space with your furry pet. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can create an environment that allows you and your feline friend to live happily and coexist harmoniously!

Sparkle Kitty