Why Does My Cat Cackle?

Cat shows his teeth.

Cats make all kinds of sounds all the time such as meowing, growling, purring, and many more. Perhaps one of the rare sounds they make is cackling or what others call “cat chirping”. Your cat may have let out a funny sound from his throat, like an abrupt bird chirping, and you’re wondering what he means by it. Cackling in cats may be more common than you think.

When Do Cats Cackle?

According to experts, cats produce a cackling or chirping sound usually when they are provoked by prey. When they see a bird or a rodent, for example, cats may display their interest in catching the animal by making that sound.

More often than not, cats cackle when they are unable to get to their prey. For example, your cat is watching a bird from the window, and he can’t get to where the bird is. Many experts interpret the cackling sound from cats as an overwhelming excitement and frustration for not being able to catch their prey when they want to.

Why Does My Cat Cackle at Me?

You’ve just learned that cats make a chirping sound when they are excited by a potential prey they have spotted. Now, you recall a time when your cat cackled at you. Does this mean he thinks of you as prey?

Not at all, so don’t panic! It might just mean that your cat is demanding something from you like food, attention, or some extra treats. Next time your cat cackles at you, try giving him one of those things and see if it does the trick.

Cats are mysterious creatures, and their silly behavior can easily put a smile on any cat lover’s face. You’ve just solved the mystery of why your cat cackles but don’t expect it to be the last strange thing your cat will do. After all, it’s the weird things that your cat does that make you fall in love with him.

Cat shows his teeth.