Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Brown Tabby Cat Asleep

Chances are you will observe your cats sleeping more than you will find them awake throughout the day. That’s because cats generally sleep an average of between 12 to 20 hours a day. Should this cat behavior concern you?

Cats are mostly nocturnal animals that are active mainly at night and asleep for a significantly long period in the day. Experts believe that cats, although domesticated for a long time, have retained their primal feline instincts of creeping about in the dark and pouncing on a target prey like their large feline relatives, such as the lion.


Possible Reasons Cats Sleep Frequently

The cats being nocturnal only partially explains why they are asleep mostly in the daytime. There are several reasons why cats sleep more than they are actively awake.

1. They may be conserving energy.

Most cats may be up at night acting as a predator hunting real or imaginary mice and sleeping it off or resting during the day. They save up for the burst of time when they do the most hunting.

2. They may be bored.

Animals, including cats, sleep more when there’s nothing to do. It has also been observed that cats are affected by the weather. On a rainy day conducive to sleeping, cats will tend to sleep more.

3. They may be stressed.

When cats are stressed or scared, their coping tools are hiding, being less active, or sleeping more. One of the reasons cats may be stressed is if they get anxious when you are gone.

4. They may be sick or uncomfortable.

When in pain, sick, or not feeling well, cats may spend most of the time under the bed or somewhere high up where they may be less active and be sleeping.

Sometimes, cats just take a short breather or a “cat nap.” While their eyes may be partially or completely closed, their tails and ears may occasionally be moving, ready to spring into action with the presence of external stimuli.


What You Can Do as a Cat Owner

Cats are sociable and highly adaptable. Make sure you make the most of their time. As a pet owner, you can adjust the level of interaction with your cats or their activities. You can modify your pets’ sleeping habits so that they can spend more time with you. You could also change your pets’ feeding schedule to which they will adjust their sleeping patterns.

What may seem like oversleeping with your pet cat is not a cause for alarm. Be concerned only when you notice your felines’ sleeping pattern deviates significantly from what’s normal for their age.

Brown Tabby Cat Asleep