Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much?

Grey and white tabby cat stands in box

Cats can be so mysterious. For instance, they always prefer to stay in a plain old cardboard box than on their soft new bed. They play with a box more than their shiny new cat toy. What is it with cats and boxes, anyway? Vets and animal behaviorists have weighed in on the reasons why cats love boxes.

Comfort and Fun

Cats love to stay warm. Their ideal temperature is around 98.6°F, and a box helps them insulate from the cold and conserve their body warmth. Furthermore, a box makes for a comfortable, warm, and safe sleeping area for your cat.

Some cats find it enjoyable to scratch and chew on the cardboard for their exercise and to relieve anxiety. Leaving their scent in the box as they scratch marks their territory is giving them a space that they own.

Safety and Security

Even domesticated cats still retain their predator instincts. Cats have a natural tendency to find an enclosed space that will hide and protect them as they hunt their prey, and boxes are perfect for that. A snug box shields their body from every angle, and any potential contact would come directly into their visual field.

A recent study also found out that boxes help cats adapt to their surroundings. It helps them recover faster and deal with anxiety better.

Cats are smart and curious; providing them with new toys and spaces that they can explore, even as simple as a box, will make them happy, well-adapted, and satisfied. Just make sure that you check the box for adhesives, staples, holes, or rubber bands that can potentially choke or harm them. Making your cat happy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just make sure to always care for their happiness and wellbeing, and you’ll have a happy cat in your home.

Grey and white tabby cat stands in box