Why Do Cats Do That Little Butt Wiggle Before They Pounce?

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Every cat owner must have gotten used to the odd behavior cats do daily. Cats are indeed fascinating creatures and an endless source of entertainment for the people they live with. However, one of the most common habits among cats is the butt wiggle they do before pouncing on their prey. Ever wondered why they do that? You’re about to find out.


Do All Cats Wiggle Their Butts Before Pouncing?

The truth is that pre-pounce butt wiggle is not just a housecat thing. Big wild cats were also observed to wiggle their behinds before jumping on their prey. Lions, tigers, jaguars, and tigers look intimidating on the outside, but perhaps, they can’t help but manifest their inner kitty sometimes.

Why Cats Wiggle Their Butts

Experts have conducted studies and experiments on why cats wiggle their butts before pouncing (yes, people study these things). And many conclusions depend on who you ask, but the most popular and globally accepted explanations are:

Cats are propelling themselves on their hind legs when pouncing.

To exert maximum force when pouncing, cats need to propel themselves on both their hind legs, which they position precisely during their butt wiggle move.

Cats are testing the strength of the ground before leaping.

Cats are cautious creatures who have an innate instinct always to ensure survival. So when cats wiggle their butts, they may also be checking if the ground is strong enough to take their forceful leap.


Cats are checking their balance before launching their attack.

Cats wiggle their behinds before jumping to balance their bodies and ensure that they make it to the other side in one go.

Cats are preparing their muscles for significant movement.

According to some experts, butt wiggles may be warm-ups for kitties. However, their way of preparing their back muscles for some significant action is soon.

Your cat may be wiggling his butt before pouncing due to one of the reasons above. Or maybe he is just an innocent feline who can’t help but look adorable in everything he does. Who knows? What we do know is that those little butt wiggles cats do make them more lovable and cuter.

Sparkle Kitty