What Your Favorite Type of Cat Says About You According to This TikTok Creator

The TikTok user @twistedwhiskertupelo runs a cat cafe in Tupelo, MS, so it’s no surprise that she spends a lot of time around cats and cat people. With this aggregate of knowledge, she feels quite confident in determining what your favorite type of cat says about you:


“Starting off with a classic. You probably have a homestead, or at least you want one. I don’t know, maybe you’ve got some chickens already. You’ve also probably got a husband named Jim who only shows his love for you by biannually barbecuing you some hamburgers that are a little overcooked. You appreciate the sentiment, though.”


“If this is your favorite, I just want to ask: when was the last time that you took a bite out of the package and threw the food away? This is a safe space.”

Grey / Grey Tabby

“If you have a kid, you’re probably raising them Montessori style. If you don’t have a kid, you have way too many house plants. You’ve probably painted an antique piece of furniture white and then weathered it.”


“If this is your favorite, there’s only one thing I know about you and it is that we are not in the same tax bracket.”


“You’re either going to be the best person I know. We’re the worst person I know. There’s not really going to be any in-between. I can appreciate that you have a cohesive aesthetic, though. But if I went to your house, I’d probably have an ADHD meltdown at the lack of visual stimulation. It’s okay to have a rug.”

Black and White

“You have a tenuous grip on your mental health at best. Baby, I’m not sure who hurt you, but I’m sorry that they did. Luckily, being crazy means you’re kind of a ride-or-die friend, and people like that, so perks, I guess.”


“You think that you’re hard, but let’s be real. This thing is registered as an emotional support animal.”


“If this is your favorite, you’re either a 7-year-old girl or a 92-year-old lady. If not in age, then at least in spirit. If you’re confused what side of the spectrum you’re on, just look around you. Is there a discarded craft somewhere nearby? We know which side you’re on.”


“You like women. This is the Subaru of cats. Whether or not you’ve admitted that to yourself is between you and your god.”

Dilute Calico / Dilute Tortie

“You’re probably the mom friend. What’s it like to be well-adjusted? I wouldn’t know. You’re healthy? You’re hydrated? Oh, cool. You have a good relationship with your parents? I didn’t even know that was possible.”

Garbage Cat

“You’re here for vibes and vibrations, and I respect that. Sometimes you can be a bit passive, and maybe people walk all over you, but you really don’t care.”

“And if you’re about to say that all of them are your favorite, Congrats on being original.”

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