What Should I Do If My Cat Brings Me Dead Animals?

Sparkle Kitty

Remember the first day your cute little harmless-looking feline brought home a dead squirrel? Or was it a dead bird or mouse? All pet owners can surely relate to the horror of realizing their adorable and cuddly pet is not as innocent as they think.

Randomly finding dead animals in your home can be disturbing but don’t condemn your cat just yet. There is actually a reason behind why he brings you dead animals, and it might just melt your heart.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Brings Dead Animals?

When cats bring you dead animals, it is a manifestation of their prey-catching behavior and has nothing to do with being hungry. So don’t think that your cat is unsatisfied with the food you give because the reason they hunt vermin and birds is primarily instinctive. Cats enjoy the hunt and chase, so they simply cannot resist the urge to hunt for prey.

But why do they bring it to you? Felines are pack animals. Most cats, especially females, want to share their bounty with their family as a way of nurturing them and teaching them how to survive in the way they know best. Simply put, your pet cat considers you his family, so he brings you his catch to share it with you and ensure your survival.

How to Deal With It

Because cats have a natural prey drive, it is senseless to try and suppress their urge to hunt. Instead, you can redirect this behavior into an activity that will still satisfy his instincts without giving you a heart attack.

Get your pet a mentally stimulating toy to satisfy his prey drives such as feather wands, laser pointers, remote-controlled mice, and the like. And don’t forget to give your pet more playtime so he can release all the energy he is craving to burn.

Sparkle Kitty