What Is the Ashera Cat Breed?

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Whether you are looking for a new addition to your feline family or getting your very first cat, the Ashera cat breed is a great option. This cat is popular for its beautiful slender figure as well as its quiet and silent character. The Ashera cat is among the most exotic and rarest cat breeds in the world.


Asheras are a cross between an African Serval, an Asian Leopard, and a domesticated cat weighing up to 30 pounds. There is also a hypoallergenic version that starts at $28,000. Though exotic, it is a domestic house cat that is easy to look after and extremely friendly. TAn Ashera is no aloof cat, as it is very vocal and capable of opening doors and walking on a leash. They’re more like dogs than cats.

Designer cats like the Ashera are becoming increasingly popular. Hybrid variety names include the Toyger, which is a cross between a Bengal and a domestic cat, the Chausie, which is a mix between jungle and domestic cats, and the Savannah, which is a cross between an African Serval and a house cat.

According to the International Cat Association, the Savannah is classified as an African Serval crossed with a domestic cat.

Personality Traits Of The Ashera

Cats, like people, have their own personalities, and while each one is unique in its own way, every cat breed has different qualities that are prevalent among cats of that breed.  Before deciding to buy an Ashera cat, it’s essential to understand what to expect from them.

  1. Ashera cats aren’t exactly lap cats. These cats will be happy to play on their own even when their humans aren’t around. Just don’t expect them to curl up in your lap for a long and lazy afternoon.
  1. Ashera cats are easily trainable. Asheras are cats with high levels of intelligence, so it is easier to teach them tricks. A popular one to try is a version of fetch!
  1. Ashera cats are highly energetic. Make sure to provide your Ashera cat with enough toys and space to play around. It’s also fun to put a leash on and take her for a walk.
  1. Ashera cats are incredibly adaptable and easy to socialize with. These cats may look intimidating because of their large size but they are reasonably gentle and can be trusted around kids.


The Ashera Cat Price

The Ashera cat is considered to be a designer cat possibly due to its rarity and exoticness. This cat breed is also among the most expensive cat breeds around the world. In regions where this cat is easier to find, as, in the United States, the average price is around $22,000. These cats can cost as much as $125,000 in places where they aren’t as easy to locate.

If you have the money to spend on the Ashera cat, then it is an excellent cat breed to add to your family. As with other cat breeds, be responsible and research thoroughly first before deciding to get a new pet, especially one that is as rare as the Ashera cat.

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