What Can I Do If My Cat Is Aggressive?

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Surveys suggest that most people get cats because they expect them to be the calm and cuddly pets the media makes them out to be. However, the truth is that no two cats are the same, and some felines may be just a tad bit more irritable than others.

Unfortunately, most cats who end up in the shelter are cats who have been given up by their owners for being too aggressive. But all cats can become gentle kitties if only all owners take the time and patience to understand their combative behavior as well.


Signs that Your Cat is Aggressive

Before getting into the to-dos of dealing with an aggressive cat, first, you should know what the warning signs of cat aggression are:

  • Your cat has dilated pupils.
  • The hair on the back of your cat’s neck stands up.
  • Your cats’ whiskers and ears are directly pointing down or straight out.
  • Your cat flashes his tail.
  • Your cat is constantly hissing and growling.
  • Your cat backs up and crouches in an attempt to look as big as possible.


Tips on Managing Cat Aggression

If you are convinced that your cat is exhibiting aggressive behavior, you can effectively calm him down by following these tips:

  1. Provide them with a safe space. Even if your cat gets along with your other pets, he still needs some alone time. Get him a cat condo or his own shelf where he can retreat to.
  2. Have your cat checked by the vet. Aggressive behavior can be a warning sign for an underlying health condition especially if your kitty has always been gentle and sweet and has suddenly become combative.
  3. Keep your voice down. Yelling does not work on cats, unlike dogs. Experts say that cats don’t respond to anything negative so your best shot at calming your pet down is calming down yourself.
  4. Small kids shouldn’t play with cats unsupervised. Most cats are not very tolerant of ear-pulling and skin-pinching and can respond aggressively. Save your cat from the stressful situation and prevent trips to the ER with your kids by keeping them away from your pets.

If none of these tips seem to be working on your feline friend, don’t hesitate to ask help from a professional to understand your cat’s needs and health better.

Sparkle Kitty