Top 10 Tricks to Keep Your Cat Off Your Countertop

Black and white cat stands on a kitchen countertop.

Cats generally like climbing up a higher place because they tend to seek higher ground when they’re anxious or stressed out. By climbing up a table or kitchen countertop, it makes them feel safe and comfortable. An elevated area allows them to observe the world from a place where they can quickly escape if they feel they are in danger.

While this is a natural behavior among cats, for people, it can be annoying, especially if you are preparing food or you have guests dining with you in the kitchen. Here are some tricks to keep in mind if you want to keep your cat off your kitchen countertop.


1. Keep the counter clean.

Cats will stick around if they can smell food on your counter. Make sure there isn’t any available and accessible food on your kitchen countertop.

2. Consider putting sticky tapes.

Cats generally don’t like stepping on sticky surfaces because it feels uncomfortable to them. Try putting sticky tapes on your countertop and see how they’ll avoid jumping on it.

3. Provide alternatives.

You can give your cats other high vantage points they can jump to and from, such as walking ledges, shelves for or a cat tree near a window.

4. Direct them towards the windows.

If your cat jumps to and stays on your counter for the purpose of looking through the window, you can simply make him stay there instead. Make sure to clear off windowsills, so he has a place to sit or lie down.

5. Give him a cat bed, play mat, or cat tree.

These accessories can make your cat feel comfortable, so be sure to train him to stay and in these areas instead.

6. Keep him busy.

If your cat is occupied and having fun, he may forget about climbing up your countertop and staying there. So play with him, make him chase strings, or bring him out in the garden.


7. Remove chairs near the counter.

If your cat uses a chair or any object to get to the counter, it may be best to eliminate it so he won’t easily climb up.

8. Give them access to clean water.

Some cats go up the kitchen countertop to drink water from the dripping faucet. If this is the case, make sure to close the faucet really well and just provide him with clean water to drink.

9. Use rewards and positive reinforcements.

One of the best ways to keep your cat off the countertop is to train him. And when you do, encourage a good habit by providing rewards.

10. Finally, be consistent.

To make the training successful, make sure to implement the rules strictly, and everyone in the family should help in reinforcing them.

It takes time and consistency, so if you’re patient enough to train your cat, you can keep him off the kitchen countertop.

Black and white cat stands on a kitchen countertop.