Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cat Breeds

A cat sits next to a black and white dog sitting on the floor

Whoever said cats and dogs couldn’t get along certainly doesn’t have these friendly cats in mind. If you’re looking to get a cat that will love to be around your dog, consider getting these breeds.


A white Turkish Angora cat

10. Turkish Angora

Playful and assertive, your dog will love the Turkish Angora’s friendly affection and commanding confidence.

A sleeping British Shorthair cat

9. British Shorthair

This big and heavy cat can play physically with your dogs. It’s also easy-going, so it usually just goes with the flow.

A Japanese Bobtail cat.

8. Japanese Bobtail

A fun-loving cat that likes to keep busy, this smart cat wants to be included in every activity, including playing with other pets in the house.

A black Bombay cat stares at the camera

7. Bombay

Although it tends to be a bit bossy, the Bombay cat easily forms attachments and shows affection to all members of the household, including the dog.

A brown Abyssinian cat

6. Abyssinian

Social, active, playful, and easy-going, the friendly Abyssinian loves playing with humans and dogs alike.

A Birman cat

5. Birman

If you’re looking for a pal for your dog, the Birman is the perfect companion. They like to chase, play, and fetch with other animals, especially dogs.

A ragdoll cat lays on a tile floor

4. Ragdoll

Another breed that shows dog-like demeanor and interests, the Ragdoll, is docile, active, affectionate, and playful with both humans and other furry animals.


A white Maine Coon cat stands by flowers

3. Maine Coon

With its dog-like temperament, it may compete with your dog on a game of fetch, but your dog will surely love this affectionate and easy-going cat.

A Siberian cat stares at the camera

2. Siberian

Confident, curious, and a natural leader, the Siberian, will happily accept and play with other pets in the house.

A grey American Shorthair car

1. American Shorthair

This affectionate, mellow, and confident breed has a good temperament to playfully get along with your dog.

There are plenty of cats that get along with dogs, but always remember that every cat is different. Consider the personality of your dog and the cat. You want to know whether they will have a harmonious friendship when they live in the same home.

A cat sits next to a black and white dog sitting on the floor