Tips on Keeping Long-Haired Cats Mat-Free

Sparkle Kitty

The more hair, the fluffier and cuddlier your cat can be. Many pet owners prefer long-haired cats because of their adorable appearance and smooth fluffy texture. What most long-haired cat owners aren’t prepared for, however, is how prone to matting their cats can be. Matted hair isn’t only an eyesore for pet owners but is especially uncomfortable and even painful for cats.

If you own a long-haired cat or plan to get one, here’s what you should know about keeping them mat-free:


1. Introduce brushing when your cat is still young.

You’re at a real advantage if you have your cat while he is still a kitten. Make sure to get him used to brushing at grooming at a young age.

2. Use the right kind of brush to groom your cat.

Depending on the hair type and length of your cat’s fur, use brushes and combs designed specifically for cats. You can use a combination of both too.

3. Use a mat breaker.

As soon as you see mats on your cat’s hair, detangle them right away to prevent them from worsening using a mat breaker tool.

4. Make sure to groom the undercoat.

Brush through your pet’s topcoat enough that you are able to get into the undercoat smoothly. The undercoat is where matting usually begins.

5. Feed your cat a well-balanced diet.

What your cat eats may also contribute to the quality of fur he has and how prone it is to mats. Feed him top-quality cat food and give him vitamins too.


6. Hire a professional groomer.

If your cat’s fur is matted beyond your control, don’t hesitate to take him to a professional groomer. They have the skills and tools to help your cat.

7. Get your cat checked by the vet.

Matted fur is sometimes more than just a sign of poor hygiene or lack of proper grooming. There could be underlying health issues your pet is suffering from which causes his hair to mat easily.

If you want to keep a happy, calm, and playful kitty in your household, do your part in helping him stay healthy and well-groomed. Follow the tips above if your feline friend is a long-haired fellow.

Sparkle Kitty