Tips on How to Take a Family Photo with Your Cat

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No family portrait is complete when a family member is missing from it. For most pet owners, their cats are family too so there is no reason for them to be left out of the family photo. However, photoshoots with human subjects aren’t nearly as challenging as taking photos with your pet. It is especially a chore to take family photos if you have multiple pets that are just restless and won’t stop playing with each other.

With these tips, you can take professional-quality family photos at home without stressing your pet or yourself too much:


  1. A little bribery never fails.

First, make sure that your cat is just as ecstatic to do a photoshoot as you are. If your pet is in a bad mood, forcing him won’t do you both any good. However, giving him his favorite treats might alleviate his mood enough to enjoy a photo session with you.

  1. Consider having an extra set of hands.

If you are shooting with multiple pets, getting someone to help you can make things much easier for you and your pets. It is ideal to have someone with who your pets are already familiar and comfortable, so they won’t be stressed by that person’s presence.

  1. Gather photo inspirations.

Having a vision of how exactly you want the photos to turn out, in the end, will help you get through the photoshoot quickly and smoothly. Look up family photos with pets on the internet to help you plan out your background, props, and poses.

  1. Use burst mode.

You’ll have a better chance of capturing your pet’s actions in a photo if you use your camera’s burst mode. You will have plenty of options to choose from later on instead of limiting your shots to one at a time where you’ll have to perfect the timing.


  1. Be patient with your pet.

Just enjoy the moment! Your pet can feel any negative feelings you may have and might cause him to become stressed as well. Take it easy and be open to a more spontaneous experience with your fur family.

Taking family photos with your pets requires a lot of patience but the results can be very rewarding, and the photos will last you a lifetime too. So, seize the moment to be with your beloved pets and keep a positive outlook during your photoshoot. If you’re still looking for more tricks and tips, check out our post 5 Useful Tips on How to Properly Photograph Your Cat

Sparkle Kitty