Tips on Driving Cross-Country with a Cat

Two Calico Cats Inside Travel Bags

Whether it’s taking your pet to the vet, traveling for a vacation to the countryside, or moving to a new home across the borders, cat owners will experience driving with their cats as passengers at least once.

While road trips sound exciting to humans, it’s not exactly the same for felines. Being away from their home turf, especially for the first time, can be very stressful for cats and may cause them to act strangely inside your car. It’s not only bothersome to see your cat acting weird but, more importantly, it is dangerous to drive with a restless cat onboard.

Don’t worry because we have curated the top hacks for cat owners to ensure a smooth ride filled with nothing but happy memories for you and your best bud to share forever.


1. Make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

Before taking your cat on a cross-country road trip, make sure to visit the vet and check if his vaccinations are still valid. Some states will require you to provide certifications that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, distemper, and viral infections, to name a few.

2. Register a microchip online.

Just in case the worst happens, you can easily locate your cat using its registered microchip. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to find him, especially when you are not in a familiar area.

3. Pack your necessities calmly.

When you’re stressed, cats can tell right away and will start to feel stressed too. Make sure to keep positive energy while packing, don’t miss your cat’s feeding time, and pet him a lot to assure him that everything is okay.


4. Choose the right pet carrier for your car.

Carriers will not only keep your cat still throughout the ride, but they will also secure him safely. Make sure to choose one that is compatible with your car model, fits your cat’s size, and is soft and comfortable enough for long hours of driving. Soft ones like these are especially recommended for nervous kitties who could hurt themselves on a hard carrier:

5. Bring comforting smells.

Your cat may start to feel homesick just a few hours after leaving home. Bring an old blanket, stuffed toy, or anything that smells like home to relieve your pet’s anxiety and stress levels.

There’s nothing a little planning and lots of love can’t fix. As long as you stick to this guide, you and your fur baby can get through that big cross-country trip together, and he’ll be back to his old happy and playful self in no time.

Two Calico Cats Inside Travel Bags