The Annual Wedge Cat Tour Unites a Minneapolis Neighborhood

The Annual Wedge Cat Tour Unites a Minneapolis Neighborhood black and white cat

In the heart of Minneapolis, a peculiar yet heartwarming tradition unfolds annually, bringing together neighbors and cat enthusiasts alike. Known as The Wedge Cat Tour, this 1.5-mile adventure celebrates the furry residents of a historic neighborhood aptly named for its shape.

John Edwards and the Birth of a Purr-fect Idea

The brainchild behind this feline extravaganza is John Edwards, who traded South Florida for Minneapolis, drawn by a desire to live car-free. As he explored his new surroundings on foot and bike, John couldn’t help but notice the multitude of cats peering curiously from windowsills of century-old homes and apartment buildings.

The Evolution of a Quirky Tradition

Despite not having pets of his own, John’s fascination with these neighborhood cats led him to share their photos on social media through his local news platform, Wedge LIVE! Over time, his posts gained popularity, sparking an audacious idea – why not create a cat tour?

The Stars of The Wedge Cat Tour

Five years ago, the inaugural Wedge LIVE Cat Tour kicked off modestly, advertised through social media and mapped out with a 90-minute route featuring around three dozen cats. Initially drawing 30 participants, the event steadily gained momentum. Eventually, local media coverage propelled it into the spotlight, attracting a crowd of over 300 eager cat enthusiasts.

To ensure an optimal route packed with feline encounters, John even devised a registration process for cat owners. While the tour spans 1.5 miles, the sheer number of participants means not every registered cat will be visited.

What types of whiskered wonders can one expect along the tour? “There’s no shortage of unique cat names,” John chuckles. The tour showcases a diverse array of owners as well – from those donning giant cat-head masks identical to their pets’ markings to proud cat parents parading their furry companions in strollers, on leashes, or even from balconies, reminiscent of scenes from “The Lion King.”

Community Spirit Meets Furry Fun

Despite its whimsical nature, organizing such a gathering isn’t without challenges. John admits to feeling the stress of managing large crowds and ensuring the tour maintains its focus on celebrating ordinary cats. Even amid the challenges of 2020, when the pandemic necessitated a livestreamed event, the tour underscored its role in fostering a sense of community.

The Future of The Wedge Cat Tour

“It’s like a festival,” John reflects warmly. “People thank me afterward as if I’ve done them a great service. It’s strange, but it’s about cats – and it works!”
As The Wedge Cat Tour continues to grow each year, it serves as a testament to the unifying power of our feline friends, creating bonds and smiles among neighbors and visitors alike.

@thatgoodnewsgirl The annual Cat Tour took place earlier this week in a Minneapolis neighborhood and around 500 people showed up to walk through the streets and admire the local resident cats. 🐈 This was the 7th annual Cat Tour in the Wedge neighborhood, organized by John Edwards of WedgeLive. πŸˆβ€β¬› It’s an all-around fun event where locals can show off their cats and get to know their neighbors at the same time. ❀️ πŸ“Έ wedgelive / John Edwards / taylr (X) / Louis Krauss / Melody Hoffman / aldislipnfall (X) / Claire Barczak / @Hayley (Corzine) / David Montgomery / Alex Reinhardt #catsofthewedge #cattour #minneapoliscattour #minneapolis #cats #cat #catlife #housecat #goodnews #minnesota #wedgelive ♬ original sound – jennπŸ’œ good news & fun stories

The Annual Wedge Cat Tour Unites a Minneapolis Neighborhood black and white cat