Should I Be Worried if My Cat Bites Me?

Grey Cat Biting Human Hand

Cat biting can be a problem for a lot of cat owners; sometimes, it can be enough reason for cat owners to surrender their pets.

It is important to understand the reasons why cats bite to have a peaceful coexistence with your pet and avoid these painful bites that can ruin a lovely cat-owner relationship. Here are the most common reasons your cat bites you:


They’ve had enough.

When you’re playing or petting your cat, you can sometimes notice that one minute they are purring and enjoying the attention; the next minute they are trying to bite you. The bite indicates that they are overstimulated, and they want to be left alone now. If you are paying attention to your cat while you’re playing, you’ll notice signs that they are about to bite, such as dilated pupils, flattened ears, twitching of the tail, stiffening of the body, and they are staring at your hand. When you notice these warning signs, stop immediately.

They are playing.

Kittens usually bite their owners’ ankles or hands as a form of play. Most young cats do this to play aggression with their siblings. This is when they learn what’s acceptable and what’s hurtful. In the absence of siblings, kittens may turn to their human owners for this type of learning and stimulation.


They are anxious.

When your cat is scared, stressed, or in pain, they may bite to express their emotion. This often happens in the vet, on a long car ride, or in any situation that makes them feel threatened.

They want your attention.

Soft bites or nips may indicate that your cat wants your attention, especially if they’ve been conditioned through experience that biting is rewarded with more attention.

Don’t punish your cat when they bite; rather, you should know your cat’s body language, respect their need for space, and manage their unwanted behavior. The right reaction when they bite will solidify the trust and bond between you and your furry companion.

Grey Cat Biting Human Hand