Meet the Sparkle Cats: Domino

Sparkle Kitty

Here at Sparkle Kitty, we have an entire family of furry, lovable kitties, and we’d like you to meet them all! This week is featuring Domino! Domino is a domestic shorthair who was adopted at the Arizona Humane Society by his mom along with his brother Gremlin, September 2016. Let’s learn a little more about Domino:

Domino’s Favorites

Domino loves running around and playing with his brother Gremlin. Dom and Grem have been together since birth and are inseparable. Domino is bigger than Gremlin, but he’ll sometimes let him pin him down to be polite, of course! Domino also loves his human toddler brother Logan but doesn’t like it so much when Logan screams “CAT!” We’re working on it!

Domino also loves treats, lots and lots of pets, and chasing any prey he can find, even when it’s just a reflection on the wall. He often hides from new people at first, but then he’s quick to make new friends. He’s one brave kitty!

Domino’s Least Favorites

Vacuums. Oh boy, does Domino hate vacuums.

Adoption Saves

An essential part of Domino’s story is his mom found him at an animal shelter. He and his brother came from a family who was hoarding animals, and they needed a healthier home. They’ve been part of a growing family, and they’re treasured members of that family. Unfortunately, approximately 860,000 cats go unadopted every year, and they need your help to give them a loving, safe home. Visit your local pet shelter or read more from trusted sources such as the ASPCA for more information about adopting.

Sparkle Kitty