Laser Pointers and Cats: Are They Safe to Use?

Sparkle Kitty

The chasing of red dots, also known as laser pointer projections, is a favorite pastime of many cats. But why do they like lasers so much? Do they cause harm to cats?

Laser pointers are popular among cats for many reasons. However, when appropriately used, lasers can be beneficial to your cat.


What Makes Cats Like Lasers?

Natural predators, cats often exhibit a high prey drive and instinctual drive to catch rodents, birds, and bugs.

You can see it in the way your cat stares at little bugs crawling on the floor before pouncing on them or how he looks longingly at the birds at the birdfeeder. Occasionally, your outdoor cat may leave you “presents,” like birds, lizards, or mice on your doormat.

What are the effects of lasers on cats?

Maybe you have heard that laser pointers are not safe for cats. But all you need to do is make sure you use the laser pointer in a way that fulfills your cat’s hunting instinct without causing stress.

Here are some approaches on how to use a laser safely with your cat:

  • Avoid overworking your cat or allowing them to hurt themselves with the laser. Try starting slow, for instance, if your cat tends to be on the lazy side.
  • Be careful where you point the laser pointer. Avoid shining the laser directly into your cat’s eyes, and do not aim it high up on the wall. If your cat attempts to jump higher than it should, it can cause injuries.
  • It would help if you occasionally let your cat catch laser pointers and other chasing toys. Building confidence is one of the benefits of this. Nobody likes to play a game they can’t win, and the same goes for your cat. It can help make the game more fun if you let your cat chase the red dot for a while, then shine the pointer on a favorite toy for them to catch. It can feel like the cat has successfully completed a hunt making it more fun for both of you!


What are the benefits of laser pointers for cats?

Laser pointers can be excellent for helping cats lose weight and stimulate their minds. They can also teach cats to play with each other while building their self-confidence.

Most housecats lead sedentary lives, resulting in boredom, obesity, and aggression towards their housemates and humans. Obesity is a common problem for pets; pets need a proper diet and regular exercise. As pet parents, we can take advantage of our cats’ natural prey drive to keep them mentally and physically healthy. With a good diet and a laser pointer, you can get your cat moving.

Laser pointers can also be helpful for bonding cats. For example, when trying to introduce a new cat to your family, laser pointers can serve as an effective distraction while the cats are in the same room. Laser pointer lights that move in opposite directions should be given to each cat to chase. Do not let the cats play together with the same light until they know each other well.

We all want our kitties to be happy and healthy, and interacting together with a toy can be fun and help us bond with our feline companions. So whether or not you choose to use a laser pointer with your cat, we know you’re always looking out for their best interests, and that’s what’s truly important.

Sparkle Kitty