Is Running Water Better for Cats?

Sparkle Kitty

Like humans, animals have their own preferences when it comes to food, water, and daily lifestyle. This is rooted in natural animal instincts that they may have carried with them as they evolved as a species.

Our feline friends are no exception to this. You may have noticed that your cat would rather drink from faucets instead of the clean water you provided him with. Why do cats do this, and should you do something about it?


Why Do Cats Love Running Water?

You may be convinced that your cat is just too stubborn about drinking from his water bowl, but your pet isn’t the only feline who refuses to drink from still water. And they have their reasons too:

1. It is in their nature. Domestic cats have evolved from wild cats who live in Africa. As hunters, cats have a sharp sense of smell and can even smell water. They can tell if any impurities are present; hence they have developed the instinct of sourcing clean, fresh water, which usually comes in the form of running or flowing water.

2. Their whiskers collide on the sides of the bowl. Cats have long whiskers that may not entirely fit inside their water bowl when they bow down and take a sip from it. This is uncomfortable for them, so naturally, they prefer running water.

3. They have poor close vision. Felines can’t see very clearly up close, so they usually end up dipping their noses into the water when they drink from water bowls which they can find annoying and disorienting. They prefer water they can see and sense better than still water.


What You Can Do About It

It’s clear that your fur baby’s preferred way of drinking is through running or flowing water. No, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your faucet running 24/7 just to provide him with a water source he likes. Invest in a pet drinking fountain instead and your pet is guaranteed to be the happiest little feline on the block!

Sparkle Kitty