How Often Should You Bring Your Cat to the Vet?

A Step By Step Guide

A woman holding a cat standing next to a veterinarian

Many cat owners are not sure how often they should bring their cats to the vet. It’s important for your cat to get regular checkups and vaccines, but it can be hard to determine when is the right time.
The best way to know whether or not your cat needs a visit with the vet is by closely monitoring her behavior and health. If she has any unusual symptoms, take her to the vet as soon as possible so that she can receive appropriate treatment. Cat illnesses usually don’t show up until it’s too late, so if you’re worried about anything at all, take her to the vet from time to time.
Here is a step-by-step guide to how often one should bring the cat to the vet.


Kitten Visit To The Vet

As soon as your kittens open their eyes, they will be old enough to visit the vet. Your veterinarian recommends a monthly checkup until they are five months of age. People often neglect during first vet visits to discuss the cat’s potential future health care needs like the type of food they should eat, heartworm medicines that protect against parasitic diseases, etc., so make sure to ask your vet about that.

Adult Cat Vet Visit

Cats should be taken to the vet at least twice a year for their checkups. A lot can happen in six months, so the best way to keep your cat healthy is with regular checkups from the vet.
Dental cleaning is a necessary part of any cat’s health regime. This includes inspecting the gums and teeth, as well as giving your kitty distemper and rabies vaccines to ensure they are protected against deadly diseases. Cats that stay indoors also need these vaccinations no matter how long they’ve been living indoors. These vaccine shots are good for almost three years.

Senior Cat Vet Visit

Your cat will need to see the vet more often as she gets older. Be sure you take her in for an annual checkup every year and pay regular visits three to four a year if your cat has any symptoms that concern you, such as weight loss, obesity, or increased thirst.
Once your cat reaches ten years old, they need extra care. Some cats will require more frequent vet visits because of the increased risk for health problems that come with aging, and age-related diseases like blindness or arthritis can make it hard to maneuver around a house safely.



Do you have a vet visit scheduled for your kitty? If not, it’s time to make one. You may want to bring her in for an annual checkup and sometimes more regularly if they are sick; this is just common sense when taking care of any pet. Regular vet visits are crucial to your cat’s health. Going in for regular appointments, cats will be monitored, and any potential problems can be caught early on before it becomes too serious or impossible to treat.

A woman holding a cat standing next to a veterinarian