Guide to Take My Cat on Walks

Sparkle Kitty

Cats love the outdoors as much as dogs do but you can only wish for them to be just as easy to take out on walks. Cats can be really stubborn, and it can be quite the challenge to put them on a leash and take them for a nice energizing walk.

No worries! We got you some tips on how to make walks with your cat better:


1. Use a cat harness and leash, not a collar.

Cats, slick as they are, can easily wriggle out of a collar and escape when something frightens them during your walk. Invest in a good harness that fits them snuggly yet comfortably.

2. Give your kitty enough time with the leash.

If it’s your pet’s first time to be leashed, allow him to get comfortable with it first by letting him lounge in his favorite spot at home. If they seem agitated, don’t force them, and remove the leash.

3. Be sure to bring lots and lots of treats.

Positive reinforcement is key to making your cat love walks. Reward him with a treat for every milestone such as putting up with the leash, having the leash removed without a fuss, and walking outdoors for the first time.


4. Let your feline friend lead the way.

Let your cat go where he wants to on his first walk. Allow the leash to drag behind him for a while before picking it up and guiding him when you see that he is already comfortable with the set-up.

5. Make sure it’s a good day for exploring.

Check the weather and the streets, it should be a sunny peaceful day with not a lot going on such as loud music or other pet owners walking their dogs. Anything that can scare your cat might prompt him to back out instead.

Finally, the best tip on walking your cat is to make sure he is ready for it. Don’t force your cat as that will only cause him stress. Trust that, in time, your kitty will love to go on walks with you and we hope that the five tips we offered will make that time come sooner.

If you’re looking for more ways to teach your cat to walk on a leash, check out our friend Mia’s YouTube and get some harness lessons, Bengal style!

Sparkle Kitty