Crystal Therapy and Cats

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If you believe in the healing powers of crystals during your meditation or if you collect them because they are shiny and pretty, there is no denying that crystals have been beneficial in your life. What many people do not know is that healing crystals can be used on animals as well as humans. There is no doubt that crystals can also be beneficial for cats due to their calming and balancing effects.


How Crystal Therapy Works for Cats

Crystal healing is a technique for healing that works through resonance. Depending on their type and nature, healing crystals have vibrational frequency and amplitude that resonate with and attract the energies of some desirable traits.

Cats are creatures who are sensitive enough to the subtle energies of crystal healing, so they too can reap the benefits of healing crystals. When it comes to cats, the effects of crystal therapy may include:

  • Calming or balancing emotions.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Energizing the physical body.
  • Treating common cat ailments.

When using crystal therapy for your cat, the most crucial factor is to have a clear intention of your desired outcome. In addition, make sure to maintain a positive atmosphere throughout your house to maximize the specific effects of the crystals.

For large crystals, you may place them in areas your cat likes to hang out, like his cage, bed, or garden. Tiny crystals, meanwhile, can be embedded into your cat’s collar or harness.


Best Healing Crystals for Cats

Each crystal has its own unique “personality” in the form of vibrations that can attract different desirable traits for your cat. Here are the top crystals used for cat crystal therapy:

  • Clear Quartz. Due to its helical spiral crystalline structure, Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile, multipurpose, and powerful healing stones available. There is no condition that it cannot treat, making it a master healer. By stimulating the immune system, restoring balance to the body, and restoring and amplifying energy systems, it can facilitate any healing your cat may need and enhance and cleanse her organs.
  • Chevron Amethyst. This crystal is ideal for cats who suffer separation anxiety. An overactive mind is calmed by using this stone, which will quickly soothe your cat’s body and prevent her from being overstimulated. It will help her remain calm in times of stress and confusion.
  • Howlite. Howlite is the best crystal to use for improving your cat’s mood. Howlite is a calming stone that also helps to alleviate pain and stress and balances calcium levels.
  • Sodalite. Sodalite is especially beneficial for cats who exhibit aggressive and hyperactive behaviors. The mind is calmed by sodalite. Sodalite brings emotional balance and also soothes panic attacks.
  • Rose Quartz. This crystal effectively opens the hearts of rescued or mistreated cats. Positive vibrations are transmitted through Rose Quartz to dispel negativity.

There is no need to worry about your cat’s safety since crystal therapy is a non-invasive and harmless modality. To be safe, however, it is recommended to conduct proper research or to seek expert advice before using this method with your pet for the first time.

Sparkle Kitty