Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

Sparkle Kitty

If you know anything about cats, you know that their tolerance for costumes is not high in the least. So what’s a cat parent to do when celebrating Spooktober? Here are a few ideas of fun ways to dress up your kitty without getting dressed down:



Funny or spooky wings are always a hit when it comes to cuteness and your cat tolerating something on their back. You may notice they’ll roll over or slump when you put them on, and that’s normal! They’ll eventually get used to it, and if they don’t, well, you tried. Some cats aren’t the costume-wearing type.


Cats are typically used to something around their neck when they wear a collar, so try something like a flower or this funny bread collar. You can even keep it simple with a bow tie or a necktie.



For the more tolerant of cats, a headband or hat can be a show stopper. Beware, this head adornment may not last long, but it sure will be adorable!

Front Walking Costume

You can’t deny the hilarious nature of the front walking cat costume. What’s better than this pirate cat?


Full Body Costume

And of course, for the sweetest and most tolerant cats, the pièce de résistance, the full-body costume. We wouldn’t recommend attempting to try putting this on any cat, but when it does work, boy, does it work. To send you off, dear reader here’s a bonus video of our own Toner and his rough and rowdy cowboy:

Sparkle Kitty