Cat Adjectives That Make Good Names

Cat Adjectives That Make Good Names

Getting a new kitty friend is great but sometimes thinking up a good name that’s a little unique but still descriptive is hard. So here’s a cheat sheet of adjectives to describe kitties which also make great names.


1. Casual

This is number one on my list because I once named my cat “Casual.” It was very descriptive. Casual was super laid back and was a male Calico. If you know cats, you would know calicos are supposed to be females, so Casual was a rarity, but a super loving kitty. He was a rescue cat. I took him in when he didn’t look so great and with a little love he became gorgeous and all the people who didn’t want him were jealous of my beautiful calico kitty Casual.

2. Mellow

Mellow is right in there with Casual. If your kitty is nonchalant and never you mind then Mellow would be a good name. Cats love to say hello with slow blinking eyes. A friendly cat who does this a lot would be great for wearing the name Mellow kitty.

3. Beloved

Not just a novel by Toni Morrison. Beloved is a great cat name. You probably already call your cat this anyway. For all those cat lovers whose kitty is the treasure of their lives, Beloved seems a most fitting name.

4. Chubby

Chubby, Chubbers, Chubs, … you get it. If your kitty has a few extra pounds and loves his Meow Mix making him especially adorable, this name’s for you. Chubby kitties are super cute and adorably awkward. Why not embrace it with a name to fit their physique?

5. Cuddles

Any cute kitty who likes to cuddle up. Let’s face it cuddle time is why we humans love our cats so much. They naturally want to rub noses and get close. Makes nap time so much better when a human is there to provide a warm pillow and some gentle petting. Just not the tail; leave my tail alone!

6. Fluffy

Fluffy, Fluffers, a cat with a lot of poofy hair. Any long-haired kitty could qualify for the name Fluffy.

7. Grump(y)

Grump, Grumpy, Grumps, Mr./Miss. Grumps. It’s a great name for a cat who doesn’t really fit the “Cuddles” moniker. Some cats just aren’t gonna be in a good mood. Their grumpy disposition isn’t always negative, though. Grumpy cats can be hilarious. You reach to pet them and they let out that merrrooowwweerrrrooommm that says don’t you dare touch me. Grumpy cats are scenery; look, don’t pet.


8. Precious

This is in there with Beloved. If you say it with the voice of Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, that’s ok. Precious takes up all our devotion. This name is reserved for kitties who are gonna be pampered, and I mean with a capital “P.” Precious is going to get the best food, the best toys, the best kitty accessories, and the best place in the household because with a name like Precious you rule the home as cat Lord. Worship me, humans!

9. Scruffy

You know that old alley cat you adopted whose fur is rough but whose meow is sweet and loving? That’s Scruffy. He doesn’t look like much, but he’s got lots of love to give and just wants a good home. Scruffy loves scratches between the ears and cheek rustles. He’s a good kitty and a great mouser; he’ll probably bring you dead mouse presents to show you he loves you.

10. Sneak(y)

Does your kitty get into everything when you’re not looking? No matter how often you say off the counter, he’s back up there as soon as your back is turned. Any food left out is fair game. That’s Sneak. He’s a devious kitty but lovable at heart. He just wants to do his own thing. You telling him “no” might as well be an instruction manual. He loves to do stuff he knows he’s not supposed to do behind your back.

11. Sweetie

Some cats are just so sweet. They love to nuzzle, cuddle, purr, get petted, and let out the sweetest little meows ever. They don’t do things to deliberately annoy you. They just want love from their human. Sweetie is the name for these rare kitties.

Cat Adjectives That Make Good Names