5 Charitable Ways to Give Back to Our Kitty Friends

Sparkle Kitty

“If only I could adopt all the cats in the world” is probably a thought that has crossed the minds of all cat lovers at least once in their journey as fur parents.

While it is physically impossible to care for the millions of stray cats across the globe on your own, there are ways you can still extend your help to them.


1. Foster cats.

By giving rescues a temporary home, you are socializing them and teaching them how to co-exist with other pets which raises their chances of getting adopted. You are also helping the shelter make space for more cats to be taken in and saved.

2. Sign up for charity events.

Fun runs and pet contests are the usual fundraising activities for animal shelters. You can contribute to the cause while bonding with your pet at the same time by choosing to participate in charitable events like those.

3. Start a fundraiser for cat rescues.

If you have a network of cat lovers like yourself, you can encourage them to give back as well by collecting their donations to be donated together to your local animal shelter or chosen charitable institution for cats.


4. Share the links for cat charities on your social media.

The more people that know about a cause, the higher its chances of getting donations and reaching its goal. By simply clicking the share button on Facebook or Twitter, you can help charities get to their fundraiser goal faster.

5. Donate to charities for cats.

If you just don’t have the space to foster cats or the time to participate in charitable events yourself, the least you can do is wire your donation to the charity. Any amount matters and will go a long way in saving the lives of many cats. Our favorite is Alley Cat Allies. ACA is a very reputable charity that is responsible for many Trap-Neuter-Returns (TNR) which saves the lives of feral cats and helps reduce the stray/feral cat population. If you want to learn more about stray cats and what to do if you come across one, check out this article!

Giving back the love and joy you found in your pet doesn’t only feel nice on the inside, but it is also literally making a difference in the world. Even through the simple charitable ways we suggested above, you can be the hero a lonely cat out there has been hoping for.

Sparkle Kitty