4 Ways to Know if Your Cat Thinks You’re Her Mom

Have you ever wondered if your cat thinks you’re her mom? TikTok user @gatofather breaks down the top 4 ways you can tell:

@gatofather Does your cats do those things? #cat #fyp ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

“Did you know your cat thinks you’re their mom if they do these things?

1. If they make biscuits on you.
Kittens need their mom’s belly to stimulate milk, and your cat finds the same comfort on you as their own mom.

2. If they sleep with you.
In the wild, cats are vulnerable when they sleep, but they feel much safer when they sleep next to their mom.

3. If they respond to their names when you call them.
Cats have 64 muscles in their ears just to ignore humans unless you’re their mom. As most kittens talk to their mom for attention.

4. If they show their butt to your face.
Cat moms lick their newborn kittens butts to help them poop easily. As a natural predator, exposing their behind is dangerous unless they trust you 100% like their mom. But you don’t have to lick it, though.”